My work is inspired by Technology.

I use programming knowledge to create
solutions that produce impact.

  • Budgeting Buddy

    Budgeting Buddy

    Android Mobile App - 2016

    Budgeting buddy android native is meant to help users manage their budgets and work around planned expenditures. It is a tool that can be considered ideal for managing money and expenses. Using this native application enables you to track your expenses and create your budget plans for effective management of personal funds.

  • Devsfolio


    Android App

    Devsfolio is an android project for Grow with Google Scholarship. It is aimed at connecting developers for networking and helping them showcase their works by creating individual portfolios. Developers can create account, publish their works and share them within their network. The project is an open-source. Contributions are made on the github repository, and I am glad it is receiving wondereful ratings and helping developers experiment and contribute.

  • Doers


    Android 2019 - 2020

    Doers is a slick application for a community of doers. I helped design the UI/UX of this Android application and worked on it with an amazing team of developers.

  • Simple Maths

    Simple Maths

    Android Mobile App - 2017

    Simple Maths, is a free gaming app for kids. I was inspired to do this project, by my kids. After realizing the time they spend on mobile phone playing game, I realized I could use the gaming medium to help them learn Arithmetic and Alphabetic. Later, I decided share the App for free on Google Play for other parents who would love to have the same platform for their kids. It's a simple fantastic game, that is challenging and intellectual for kids.

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

    I've recently been working on a machine learning solution to find out if machine learning can be used in SIM Swap fraud detection and prevention. With a rise in the number of cases reported in Africa, I have attempted to find a technological solution to a social and economic problem. You can find the project details on my github repository.

  • Straight Talk FoundationApp

    Straight Talk FoundationApp

    Straight Talk Foundation App is an application I made for my favorite Non-Governmental Organization for free as part of giving back to the community. Youth-centred adolescent sexuality and reproductive health program that incorporates a newspaper, a network of clubs, a radio/ TV show, and training programs.