Madona Syombua

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Briefly about me

I am a Software
Engineer &
A Mobile App Developer

I am a tech-savvy mom. I develop computer programs and write code for a living. My passion lies in writing code and developing awesome stuff that impacts life.

I find moments of brilliance when I create a Mobile App or a Software that produces a global impact. I like to imagine of new ways technology can touch lives in a meaningful manner. With that in mind, I ask myself how I can be a part of the solution ~ using my knowledge, experience and skills. It's pretty amazing when you think about it.

In my world, I believe life runs on code. That's my perspective of life. I relish the thrill of learning new coding languages and sharing with others my insights. I am of the school of thought that knowledge is meant to be shared for empowerment of humanity. I feel fulfilled when I solve problems using the knowledge that I have acquired and my experience. It's truly Fascinating!

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning

I explore software programs that rely on Machine Learning
Mobile Development

Mobile Development

I specialize in Mobile Application Development.
Software Engineering

Software Engineering

I develop custom software programs, for work enhancement

Work Experience

  • Android Developer


    I enjoy building Mobile Applications, see all my projects below.

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  • Android Lead, Women Who Code Mobile

    Jan 2019 - Current

    As a volunteer I have multiple responsibilities, the most notable ones are to create online webinars on Android Development technical talks and teach other women how to code in Android, language of use being Java. I enjoy volunteering for this amazing course.

  • Systematix Note


    Some of my roles included. Design, build, and maintain high performance, reusable, and reliable Java code. Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of the application. Participated in user requirements meetings to transform client needs into proposed application designs. Communicated technical information, both written and verbal, effectively to clients of varying technical experience Investigated complex technical

  • Project Assistant UNICEF

    2011- 2013

    I had multiple responsibilities. The most notable ones included, setting project meetings, reporting on strategy, assisting in writing and editing publications, maintaining bugdets, moving objectives forward and creating partnerships for community outreach. That is under the SAFCA (Safe and friendly cities for all) program.

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Top Skills

Java , Kotlin & Python

I enjoy coding in Java as it was my first language. I have also been working with Kotlin and Python. These are by far the languages am very proficient in.

UI/UX Design

I design my android apps from scratch. Using design, I am able to conceptualize the built of the App. Also, I am able to determine the system architecture. Most importantly, I design and develop my Android Apps with the users in mind. Good UI/UX matters.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is truly incredible. I love learning Machine Learning , I am using the concepts to reimagine how systems work.


I like being old-school and using Linux systems in my day to day works. I just love working with the Linux setup, it get's me in the zone...to write code. :)

  • Leonard // Systematix Note

    I love her work and her personality. She is really a fun person who know's how to work around hard situations. I can't really express how working with Madonah has been a wondeful experience.
  • Ann // Grow With Google Scholarship

    I worked with Madona on an open source project and she is a good leader. Her leadership skills are to admire.
  • Rakesh // Grow With Google Scholarship

    Madona started a project and she was a good leader, she invited people to join her project, I surely learnt a lot from her. Thank you for the opportunity.
  • Kristen // Systematix Note

    Madona is a capable person, who is able to deliver results. She helps in finding digital solutions through programming and in a timely manner. Her approach to work in general is admirable.
  • Hemantkumar // Grow With Google Scholarship

    Thank you for giving us an opportunity to work with you. You are a great leader.
  • Leonard // Systematix Note
  • Ann // Grow With Google Scholarship
  • Rakesh // Grow With Google Scholarship
  • Kristen // Systematix Note
  • Hemantkumar // Grow With Google Scholarship

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